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Chemical peels?Are they safe?

The very first reaction to this procedure,if you have heard it for the first time or have almost no information,you might be quite reluctant.The word‘Chemical’indeed is a bit scaring and misleading,but honestly chemicals used as peeling agents are fruit-derived and safe to be used,but only by an expert!

What is it?And how does it work?

A chemical peel is a technique of skin-resurfacing with a solution.It is applied to exfoliate or remove the top layers of skin to promote the deeper layers for regeneration and rejuvenation.The new skin that is regenerated is expected to be smoother, lighter,healthier,and less wrinkled.In other words Peels benefit with a better and younger-looking skin.

What conditions are peels used for?

Chemical peels can be used for multiple purposes,few amongst them are – acne,wrinkles,skin discoloration/hyperpigmentation/ Melasma,uneven skin tone,and acne scars.Chemical peels come in a huge range of variety depending on the concentration and type of peel.These can be used singularly or in combination depending on the skin type,skin condition,or expected result.Also chemical peels are done with combination to other procedures for enhanced results.

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