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Hair Mesotherapy
Hair Mesotherapy

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Welcome to Dr.Rane's Skin and Hair Clinic

Skin is the largest organ of the human body.Skin provides with identity and appealing aesthetics,also it serves as the first line of defense against various infections and microorganisms.At times due to unhealthy lifestyle,improper diet,improper nutrition,exposure to pollutants,and some other such factors our skin tends to lose its natural luster and glaze;these can also lead to various skin issues and diseases.

With almost every functional feature of our skin it also serves the aesthetic purpose.Along with skin,hair is important in fulfilling the aesthetic need of our personality.Hair although it is a by-product of our protein metabolism,yet it remains the most valued asset for a female.It is an important feature for almost every individual including males as well.



At Dr.Rane's Skin & Hair Clinic we work on your health in holistic apporoach with modern technology and herbal solutions for every problem.Only a Healthy body can bear a flawless skin and luxuriant hair.


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