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PRP Face/Vampire Facial | Skin | Skin Hive Clinic

What is PRP? How is it done?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.This is obtained from the patient’s blood and then processed to extract the plasma containing a high amount or concentrate of platelets along with healing factors,nutrients,and other essential components.After extraction of PRP is done,it is used fresh on the patient.As it is a concentrate only small amounts are injected at multiple sites in the skin,this is then followed by a micro-needling session to increase its efficacy.

How does PRP help?

The human blood mainly comprises of plasma and the blood components like red blood cells,white blood cells,platelets,nutrients, etc.Blood flows through the body and nourishes every tissue,but sometimes despite the nourishment provided aging signs start to appear due to multiple issues.Also due to toxin build-up or improper blood circulation the amount of nutrients required does not reach the tissue;thus aggravating signs of aging.To treat such condition nutrition and healing factors are to be provided in high concentration,here PRP provides a solution.

PRP facial or PRP on skin promotes rejuvenation,enriches skin with nutrients,and gives an anti-aging effect.The procedure is done under strict hygiene and sterile environment,also proper anesthesia is given locally to the patient making the treatment almost painless.

What does Vampire facial mean?

The process involves blood as a medicine for the patient,and that is why it is also termed as‘Vampire facial’.

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