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What are dark circles?

Dark circle is a condition seen commonly due to multiple factors including lifestyle habits,improper nutrition due to dietary imbalance,allergies,disturbed or insufficient sleep,medical conditions,etc.Dark circles are also termed as under-eye circles or lower eyelid bags;medically it is termed as infra-orbital hyperpigmentation or infra-orbital pigmentation.Although the condition is symptomless or brings no limitation in day to day life,it is aesthetically more significant as it hinders personal and professional life because of the unpleasant appearance.

What causes dark circles?

Amongst the major reason of peri-orbital hyperpigmentation clinically sleep is the most contributing factor noted.Due to inadequate or improper sleep habits the blood vessels under the eyes lose its stability and the muscle orbicularis occuli surrounding the eyeball gets weakened and flaccid;this leads to loss of elasticity of muscle along with pigmentation or darkening of skin under the eyes.

In some medical conditions like disturbed thyroid levels, swelling below the lower eyelids is commonly seen as a symptom.While in allergic conditions,itching and disturbance to the local tissue structure around the eye margins.

How to get rid of dark circles?

There are multiple choices of treatments available along with some home remedies also that offer good relief;but the underlying condition must be resolved to get rid of it completely.Sleep and a healthy lifestyle is a must to it, this will surely keep you away from dark circles on your face.In cases where dark circles have caused hyper-pigmentation of darkening of skin too much to be controlled with topical applications and better sleep.If good sleep is difficult to initiate and maintain,it is always better to take treatment for both dark circles and sleep

There is a wide range of options for treating under-eye pigmentation,depending on the severity of the condition,and other general health conditions line of treatment is decided.The first approach is to restore sleep and facilitate appropriate rest to the muscular structure.Internal herbal medications can be given to improve sleep quality and topical applications can be given to improve the complexion of the under-eye area.

Dermal fillers are another option that can give instant results by injecting it in the area below the lower eyelid.Although it has a good result but there is a chance of allergy to the medicine or asymmetrical appearance after injecting the fillers.Also sometimes it can cause excessive puffiness in the area.

Chemical peel with low concentration TCA + lactic acid is also a good non-invasive solution.Glycolic acid in lower strength can be used instead of TCA.Peels give great results also being less expensive than dermal fillers and has almost no complications.

Microneedling to the under-eye area to restore its elasticity and tighten up the skin along with mesotherapy of collagen or skin rejuvenating serum has good results also lasting longer than chemical peels.

Netra Tarpan,a classical Ayurveda treatment for rejuvenation of eyes helps to restore the health of local tissue and facilitates with better sleep as well.

Most of the cases are treated with a combination of multiple treatments advised in a regime to give better and long-lasting results.All the efforts taken by the treating doctor depends on the patient as maintaining the results depends mostly on post-treatment care and a good lifestyle.

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